Fashion lets you express your own style. And style is an art. Being able to express and convey emotions is an art. Emotions make us live the way we are, and not how we want to be: that’s why whoever has the style is always fashionable. On these notes "BORDERLINE by Denis Palbiani" was created, for those men and women who travel in search of a "borderline" between art and fashion. A line too thin that can be easily crossed. Denis Palbiani is a world famous photographer with recognized creative talent. His works are exhibited in the most prestigious galleries and collected throughout the world. An artist of images, with an eclectic personality, constantly looking for new inputs."Borderline" is another way to express his artistic skills. Fashion has always been his greatest interest and passion, so now, he selected some images to be transmitted in an other way, through clothing. Larysa Fedchenko is the perfect  "accomplice" in this project: stylist, artist and designer, she showed a particular sensitivity and imagination in overseeing the collection choosing materials and taking care of the small details.  "Borderline" is a sophisticated high-level brand, young, with an aggressive spirit faraway from any scheme or stereotype, addressed to both sexes, made by  high quality materials. The refinement of fabrics, the right lines, which aim at enhancing the body shape, colors and printing of the best quality, the fine hand made finishing of skilled  craftsmanship,: this are the precious ingredient of Borderline. - See more at: