The Italian designer Elena Cardinali graduated at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome.

During the ‘90s, she started her professional career as a Haute Couture designer in the fashion house of Pino Lancetti.

The strong harmony  between the two made Elena become assistant of the Style Office, after a short time. Later she  specialized in designing accessories and she started to be in charge of the Haute Couture and Ready to Wear collections.

Thanks to Pino Lancetti, Elena came in contact with high level artisans and fine manufacturing laboratories who taught her to understand deeper each fashion item.

With the new century the fashion house Lancetti was sold, and as a consequence Elena started working as a style consulting for various designers of shoes, bags and small leather goods Commitments that she is still bringing on in some of the most important luxury companies in Italy.

Adjustable is instead a personal bet, born from her passion for shoes, craftsmanship and materials and after a close study of the women’s world. The concept of this collection is to play with fashion to be up-to-date but unique at the same time. Buying an Adjustable item, every woman can be a part of the game and modifies it following her needs.