It is a particular fabric, characterised by colour and strength, and it comes from the United States, where it is widespread. Its name is Denim.

From the beginning, Roy Roger's jeans display the signature features that make them unique: the original back pocket zip (patented since the 1950s) and the famous "money pocket" - the small front pocket for the small change.

This innovative product and marketing strategy quickly elicited an excellent market response, seizing the best places in the most exclusive italian and international stores.

Manifatture 7 Bell SpA, born in 1949, is the first Italian blue jeans manufacturer. The first pieces were working garments crafted with a very resistant denim purchased from the american Cone Mills, the first denim producer in the world; a long-term cooperation lasting till today. The original Roy Roger’s jeans introduced some features that have never changed over the years: zippers on back pockets (patented and registered since 1950) to make them safer at work, the money pocket, a coin pocket on the front and the black triangular label on the back pocket.Through decades of history the brand has maintained its originality and preserved high quality in raw materials, using exclusively American, Japanese and European denims. Roy Roger's pays attention to the constant research on special washings on the clothing lines for women and men, all strictly hand-made in Italy.