Fresh and trendy brand, easy to wear and immediately recognizable thanks to its successful logo: a red, cartoon heart.

Sweet Years was born in 2003 and has two famous Italian soccer stars between its shareholders: Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri.

Young Italian customers immediately went crazy for the fresh and popular street collection which expressed the brand philosophy, focused on being dynamic, lively and cheerful with fun.

In the past few years, thanks to movies, soccer and fashion celebrities supporting the brand all around the world, the public awareness  aroused and increased the brand image.

To enhance the growth of brand image, various marketing campaigns have been launched internationally

So, nowadays Sweet Years counts 240.000 fans on the social networks.

Another  big success comes from the co-branding campaigns with big names as the Italian mobile Company ‘3’,  Akuel,  Sony Music and Peugeot for the car models 107 and 207.