Charriol, founded by jewelry executive Philippe Charriol in the early 1980s, has quickly become a favored luxury brand known for its premium quality and visionary styling. Ross-Simons is pleased to offer the many artistic creations of Charriol — from signature Celtic-inspired fine jewelry to luxury watches for ladies and men. Philipe Charriol has described his designs as bringing "classicism and modernity together" while always being "attentive to quality and never losing sight of the functional aspect." Charriol's branding statement, "L'art de vivre la difference" (the art of living the difference), invites all to experience the distinctive beauty of Charriol fine jewelry and watches in everyday life. Philippe Charriol, a former executive with the respected jeweler Cartier, followed his dream of creating his own luxury brand when he launched Charriol in 1983.

Taking inspiration from the ancient Celtic culture, Charriol's first jewelry and watch designs incorporated a twisted cable motif that has became the brand's signature style. Charriol's use of multiple strands to create a rope design lends Charriol rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets a look that is both sporty and elegant, historical and modern, all at once.

Today, Charriol fine jewelry and watches are sought after all over the globe, and Charriol boutiques can be found in Paris, London, Atlanta, Rome, Florence, Hong Kong and Geneva.

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