Christian Breton products, started in 1990, have since become one of greatest names in cosmetics recognized for the innovation and performance of its formulas. Skin becomes more delicate and more sensitive with age. It provides a less effective barrier against potentially harmful effects and is subject to tightness, dryness and redness. Furthermore, certain constituent elements of skin are produced in smaller quantities, particularly collagen, which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and tone, both characteristics of its youth.

Then fine lines appear, followed by wrinkles, and these are particularly evident in the area around the eye, the most delicate part of the face and the most often put under strain. Two highly specific active ingredients, Matrixyl® and Multifruit BSC Complex®, perfected in the Christian BRETON laboratories represent a considerable advance in the treatment of wrinkles.

These active ingredients produce a spectacular reduction in all types of wrinkle, including even the deepest, while at the same time taking into account the delicate nature of mature skins, especially in the area around the eye.

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