Created popularity Christie (CHRISTIES) - Italian lingerie, swimwear, beachwear, casual and party fashion international brand, is the ChristiesS.rl underwear and fashion company's flagship high-end brand, its global exhibition center in Italy fashion capital - Milan and Bari, Genova, St.Margherita and Varese with brand stores in Italy .in the Asian market, created popularity Christie (CHRISTIES) fashion brand for many years stationed in Tokyo, Osaka of Japan and Taipei ,Taiwan ,the Asian region has been high-end women of all ages.

In European countries, created popularity Christie (CHRISTIES) underwear and clothing range targeted at high-end market, design sexy, mysterious and exquisite features freehand, multi-brand boutiques and stores in sales; at the local, many performing arts and fashion sector is also the star of Christie brand stores frequented created popularity.


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