In 1972 Leonardo Brugognone opens the first Verri boutique in Milan, entirely dedicated to menswear. After few years considering the increasing demand of its clients Verri is transformed into Verri Uomo, a true brand name, which was to become a synonym of nite elegance, quality and creativity in a single collection.

In 1978 Verri enters the overseas markets with great success. In the following years many prestigious boutiques open throughout the world, due to the international diffusion of the brand name. In the end of the 1980s Paramount Picture chooses Verri to create the look and the apparel for Al Pacino, Andy Garzia and Chazz Palminteri in the last episode of The Godfather Trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola. An expansion to the Asia markets is taken in the 1990s with the opening of the boutiques in Abu-Dhabi,

Dubai and Kiev. Those are followed by single brand boutiques throughout Japan and China. Verri is a brand suitable for the majority, embracing practically everyone whilst encapsulating its acquired experience and history in collections distinguished by quality tailoring, always up to date and with an eye to the future. It has a long history in the fashion world and for more than 35 years has become the reference point for all those men who wish to create an impression with simplicity united with originality.

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